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I am happy to pamper my individual clients with custom trips planned at their kitchen table, or via phone, video chat and email. I own the company as an affiliate of Nexion. I come to you with online technology as a tool, and I rely on the places and companies I've come to trust from booking them over and over with success.

My best deals are on river cruises...very popular. For example, I have a knitters group planned on Viking River Cruises for 2017. My past clients have proven loyal to me, and I book custom tours with the best hotels, rail journeys, cruises, flights, all inclusive trips, for individuals and reunions.

My name and logo derives from my family home outside of Pittsburgh, PA, where I grew up, and where I live to be close to my mother. I'm proud to be back in my home town. The dedication I feel for my family roots is solid. I will give you the same level of respect when I listen to your travel plans. Please receive my deals and offers with the insider's knowledge that I will regard your next great adventure with care and the openness to complete your travel project.

Seven years ago I had finished the travel and tourism program at Blue Ridge Community College with all A's, and decided to start my own business, called Jazz Music Travel. It was 2009, the year travel companies took a huge hit in the bad economy. But I learned what I needed to know with my new skill set and I knocked on doors with good marketing. I established myself as someone willing to create a niche for myself as the singer who was also a travel agent, or the other way around! Anyway, it led to jobs in the field. The busiest I have ever been was in a bricks and mortar travel agency in Western NC. It was a flurry of customer service, sending hundreds of clients to every corner of the globe, and I discovered that I enjoy selling travel. So now, I humbly ask you to call Claremont Travel when you need to get your travel plans in order.

My business is founded on repeat customers. Therefore, I believe that when I provide the facts as I know them to my clients, they may make better informed decisions regarding every aspect of their travel plans.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Please feel free to contact us if we can help you in any way.

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